Build your business on your own terms…

Excuse me while I blow my own trumpet here for a moment - the fact is, I know tons about marketing. I don’t just talk about it, I’ve earned my living actually doing it for almost 30 years and have delivered real results for some very challenging clients (and I’ve got qualifications and accreditations coming out of my ears). I’m good at seeing the things you can’t see and identifying the areas of your sales and marketing efforts you need to fix.

I can help you to help more people

I know you don’t have tons of time or money for expensive marketing consultants. So I’ve put together what I believe to be some sustainable and affordable marketing intervention packages - there’s an investment, sure, but if you put this advice into play, you will get a good return and you can replicate the techniques I show you over and over again.


Simple marketing strategy

Sometimes you just need someone to bounce ideas off and get some clarity or focus on your marketing. These focused sessions are just the ticket.


Intensive mentoring programme

This is a 30 day mentoring and coaching package where I help you create a marketing plan to attract the kind of clients you really want.


Creating social media content

A focused online course that gives you over 100 ideas for creating amazing content. You’ll never run out of idea again.