It’s ok to be you…

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about marketing and running a consulting business. And one thing I know to be true above anything else is that it’s ok to be you. We’re all tired of being hoodwinked by giant brands and perfect lives on Instagram. The cracks are beginning to show and consumers are looking for authentic brands and something to believe in. So if that notion appeals to you, we could be a good fit.


Embrace simplicity

Marketing is not as complicated as you think. You need a clear vision, a bit of focus, and a commitment to do a few simple things well on a consistent basis. Leave all the shouty and noisy people behind.


Relationships are everything…

Spend time cultivating relationships with like minded professionals. Help each other, share what you know and refer clients to each other. This makes you stronger and your clients will love you for it.


Nice people can be successful

You don’t need to sell your soul to earn a decent living. Find a direction, be clear about who you want to help, and communicate the benefits you can offer. Do it consistently, and people will find you.


Always deliver real value

When you are selling services, clients need to feel real value. When you get this right people rarely quibble about price. Pack in as much value as you can, be generous and you’ll never be short of clients.