Basically, we're all talking to goldfish


Basically, we’re all talking to Goldfish…

Right, listen up. You have only 8.25* seconds to grab someone’s attention with your marketing message. After that we’ve gone. We now have shorter attention spans than the average Goldfish. The digital world is shrinking our brains.*

People only read between 20 and 28% of the words on any web page. We scan the rest.
The average web page visit lasts between 10-20 seconds.

So now do you believe how important it is to keep your content simple? (I’m sure a lot of you think I’m just making it up to make life hard for you).

Simple words

We talked about this last week. Never use a ‘posh word’ if a simple word will do. Clarity trumps making yourself look big and brainy.

Simple stories

One of the easiest ways to get your point across is to tell a little story. Human beings are primed to respond to stories. It also helps us retain information for longer. (And can I just say that I run a ‘kick ass’ Storytelling in Marketing workshop).

Simple structure

People like ‘light snacks’ not big heavy meals. Break up your text with bullet points, pictures and sub-headings. Keep it light.

Simple headlines
Don’t try to be cryptic or funny (and please no puns unless you’re a headline writer for the Sunday Sport). Be clear. Be bold. And get to the point.

Simple to understand

Don’t indulge in long-winded rhetoric. Save it for your memoirs. Goldfish brains can’t cope.

Simple advice

If you’re giving people content such as ’20 ways to juggle plutonium without getting radiation poisoning’, make sure the advice you give is possible for your average reader to actually do.

That’s it. Short, sweet and simple.

See you next time.


jackie harris